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Never heard of a Dremel before? Then read on, because this little multi-tool is the Swiss army knife of any toolkit. It’s what MacGyver would have carried in his back pocket, if only he could have.

Either electrical or battery-powered and cordless, a Dremel multi-tool comes with loads of attachments and fittings that allow you to do a myriad of things. Let’s dive in and unpack our five top reasons for making a Dremel part of your DIY kit.


While your Dremel will do plenty of other things, its Oscar-worthy performance is definitely carving and engraving. In fact, we can think of nothing else that will do these things better. Its very extensive range of attachments allows you to use your Dremel to carve or engrave letters, pictures or any decorative pattern in:

-  Wood
-  Leather
-  Glass and mirrors
-  Plexiglass and linoleum
-  Ceramic tiles and polymer clays
-  Aluminium and steel
-  And even organic substances like ostrich eggs

      Etch glass coasters, engrave a gold bracelet, put our personal stamp on your cell phone case – the options are endless. It’s the ultimate personalisation tool and the top choice for anybody keen on crafts, home-made gifts and unique decorative touches around the house!

      Dremel Stylo+ Corded Multi-Tool 240V (Dremel Stylo 2050-15)

      Dremel Stylo+ Corded Multi-Tool 240V (Dremel Stylo 2050-15)
      R 795.00 R 1,500.00


      #2: IT CUTS

      With a variety of drill-bit like high-speed cutters, abrasive cutting wheels and fiberglass cutting wheels, you can use your Dremel to cut:

      -  Wood, laminate flooring and drywall (think making holes for electrical outlets)
      -  Linoleum
      -  Wall tiles
      -  Plexiglass and PVC pipes
      -  Copper pipes, wire mesh and aluminium

        You can cut mitre angles, perfect squares and circles. A small saw attachment transforms your Dremel into a mini circular saw for fine straight cuts in all sorts of wood. And if you pop on the plunge router attachment, it even transforms your multi-tool into a router for edging, grooving and freehand routing. As with all cutting, things do get hot and sparks do fly, so always wear protective eyewear when working with your Dremel.

        Dremel Cordless Rotary Tool Kit 12V (Dremel 8220-2/45)

        Dremel Cordless Rotary Tool Kit 12V (Dremel 8220-2/45)
        R2,859.00 R4,250.00


        #3: IT SANDS

        Dremel multi-tools come with sanding drums around which you slip sanding bands. Just like normal sheet sandpaper, it comes in different grits. Use it to sand:

        -  Aluminium and plexiglass
        -  Polymer clay and wood



          Grinding and sharpening stones are made of silicon carbide or aluminium oxide and can be variously used to grind ceramic tile, glass and mirrors, steel and aluminium. Use your handy Dremel to sharpen:

          -  Chef’s knives, normal scissors and secateurs
          -  Chisels and any other DIY tool that needs to stay sharp
          -  Dremel even has special separate attachments that will sharpen hedge trimmers, lawnmower blades and chainsaws!
            Dremel 4000 Series Corded Multi-Tool 65 Piece 175W (4000-4/65 EZ)
            Dremel 4000 Series Corded Multi-Tool 65 Piece 175W (4000-4/65 EZ)
            R2,865.00 R 3,750.00



            Felt polishing wheels and cones used in combination with a fine polishing compound lets you achieve a very fine polish on aluminium and other soft metals, ceramic tile, glass and mirror. Harder wire brush attachments allow you to remove rust and grind off caked on dirt and grit. Time to get rid of that nasty tile grout? There’s an attachment for that too.

            So, in a nutshell, this is not the tool you use for big builds like your dream beach cabin. But it is what you turn to for doing pretty much anything else. Head on over to Dremel’s Instagram account for some inspiration and don’t forget to check out our special Dremel deals.

            Dremel 3000 Series Corded Multi-Tool 15 Piece 130W (3000-15)

            Dremel 3000 Series Corded Multi-Tool 15 Piece 130W (3000-15)
            R1,025.00  R1,650.00